The Truth About Truth

here’s the thing about the truth: it is, it was, it will be.

many things have come (and gone), masquerading as the truth; they pick up practitioners along the way.

they seem to rise and reign as they gain more and more co-signers.

those who only halfway believe the truth begin to get nervous – they start yelling, foaming at the mouth, gathering their stones and pitchforks – ready and willing to call out the wolves dressed as sheep, the sheeple dressed as people and the downright, lowdown scoundrels and misfits.

those who know the truth, the real truth, are made free (by it). they don’t jump up and down at the sight of storm clouds or the crackle of thunder.

they continue to stand; in love, with love – arms extended, palms upward – no guilt, shame or condemnation do they walk in nor project towards others.

we all fall short. that is the beauty and uniqueness of humanity – our wholeness rests in pursuit of Divine Truth.

and in that Truth lies all peace, all love, all serenity.

seek it; be like a tree planted by the water, able to withstand.

lies, deceit, untruths and all manner of wickedness are the ways of this world – they are symbiotic: one will exists as long as the other remains.

they are distractions.

learn the difference between truth and distraction.


and having done all, stand.

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