On Purpose: The Difference Between Tests and Temptations

long post, had to share. hope it helps you like it helped me.

the reality for most of us is that more often than not, to reach the next level, the next stage of our divine purpose, we need a “swift kick” in the ass, a challenge, a conflict to kickstart our forward motion.

usually, those conundrums arise when we least expect them and almost ALWAYS when we feel least prepared to deal with them.

like clockwork, the fallacy of humanity instinctively makes us want to retreat from those challenges (especially the major ones)…not recognizing that they are the proverbial and necessary test(s) required to graduate to the next level.

when we view them through our natural senses, we get caught up in the moment…we see them as a threat to some basic, human comfort and we protect that at all costs, by any means necessary.

but it’s a trap. and a lie.

while it is true that that situation could indeed derail you (permanently or temporarily), i want to submit to you that it could actually be THE most potent and vile medicine you need, to FORCE you to address the fact that you might indeed be dragging your feet, moving in slow motion, towards your destiny.

fact is, most of us want to be the hero but are afraid to slay the dragon.

we want to be in our purpose, living out our dreams. but we don’t count the costs required. and over time, as life happens and we age, we get further removed from our truest essence. in short, we get comfortable. comfortable with routine. comfortable with familiarity. comfortable with mediocrity.

most of us won’t admit it, but if we’re honest – there is something that we are not doing, consistently, with fervor and conviction, that would catapult us into our destiny. we talk about it, read the books, hit the “like” buttons when we see it, make to-do lists, go to the seminars, pray, seek counsel, journal about it – but we don’t do it – create it, ship it, show it, buy it, etc.

i want to submit to you that there are now (and more to come later) conflicts in your life that serve two purposes, simultaneously: to tempt you and to test you.

the temptation will always be there…to react based on how we feel: angrily, defensively, lethargically, passively, lustfully, aggressively, with fain humility, etc.
when we do, we take the bait, fall into the trap and postpone our purpose…proverbially marching around the desert over and over again.

when we acknowledge our feelings but CHOOSE to respond based on the potential of our purpose, we can then accurately view these scenarios as tests. and there is ALWAYS a reward for acing a test!

staying focused on purpose keeps us from succumbing to the low hanging fruit: the pettiness, the mediocrity, the vision-less.

this is THE life you get. getting it right can effect the world – even if it starts with just your small inner circle. you walking in purpose is a POWERFUL piece to this majestic jigsaw puzzle we call eternity.

learn the difference between truth and distraction…stay focused, my friends.


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