Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice

Imagine a farmer…

Instead of tilling the soil, planting the seeds in the appropriate season, he chilled. Every other day he’d casually walk out to the pasture and randomly tossed a few seeds, then go back to chilling. Then, in the harvest season, when no crops were available (save for a few pieces of fruit that sprouted from his casual tossing of seed), he immediately felt the lack. In his lack, he decided that instead of chilling tonight, he’d sacrifice his r&r and frantically start beating up the soil, randomly throwing seed around. He thought, “I’ll do this for a couple of days and surely I’ll reap a harvest! My beloved chill time can wait!”

As you can imagine, much to his dismay, he received little to no harvest from that frantic action.

Everywhere in nature, everywhere in the spirit, the adage is true:

Obedience is better than sacrifice.

It is IMPERATIVE that you use sound wisdom and judgement in the appropriate season to reap the desired reward. No amount of “quick-fix” solutions will ever make up for ignoring that principle.

If we believe in this principle (because it’s true), then we can not ignore it and expect a favorable outcome. We can not serve two masters at the same time.

In my almost 41 years, I have never seen obedience not rewarded. In contrast, I’ve seen half-hearted, pseudo-effort ATTEMPTED and then cursed when we don’t get what we claimed we wanted.

In our lives, all of us are obedient to something or someone…living or inanimate. If what we are obedient to is based in truth, wisdom and love, we can not fail.

Sacrifice is important. But it should ALWAYS be subordinate to obedience.

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