Regarding Love:

Love is a verb.

It’s validity is found in the doing, not in the saying.

And the greater the love, so to is the sacrifice made for it.

For God SO loved the world…(He gave up the one thing He…


The Parallelism of Yes and No

For every resounding YES, there is a corresponding NO.

For every decision made, consider its opposite yet equal counterpart.


If You Love You, Act Like It!

Stephen Covey, in his best seller “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, said that “Success is the greatest revenge.” I believe him.

The easiest way to silence your critics, including yourself, is to do what they/you said you couldn’t do.


Learning How To Fall

In my early 20’s I studied jiujitsu. One of the first lessons we learned was how to fall effectively and return to a fighting stance. It taught me that no matter how skilled you are, as some point you will…


Lay Down Your Swords And Guns

Fortunately/unfortunately, with social media, we get a MUCH better glimpse into the thought processes of the artists we admire. 
Fortunately, it opens up insight into the process of great artists creating great art. 
Unfortunately, it also exposes the reality that…


Defragment Your Hard Drive

When I was younger, I was really into computers. At one point (maybe 4th grade) I thought that they had human-like beings living in them that could communicate with me (lol)! I would type into the computer, ‘Computer, show me…


Let Love Rule

In life, your mind is the incubator for everything you think, create, do.  But if everything you think/create/do isn’t filtered through your heart, what’s the point…other than narcissism?
In art, everything you create (or wish to create) starts in your…


The Garden

Your mind is like a garden.

What you allow to be planted in in it will eventually grow and produce fruit. The fruit will emit an aroma. Passers by will come to equate that aroma as “…the smell of ‘so…


When Failure Doesn’t Mean You’ve Failed


I have a very difficult time accepting failure. In my personal experience, I’ve found that when an endeavor (artistically, business, relational, etc) on the surface appears to have failed, the tendency is to immediately dismiss it as less than…


Thoughts On Jealousy

“We’re all here for a reason, on a particular path” – J. Ivy on the Kanye West track “Never Let Me Down”

Jealousy is the biggest waste of time known to man.

Procrastination: the gateway drug to jealousy.

Most people…


Thank You, Mr. Ornette Coleman

In the early/mid-nineties, when I was just beginning to play jazz, I was FAR more comfortable listening to “Moanin'” by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, “Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor” by the Louis Cottrell Creole Jazz Band…


Your Story Isn’t Over

In May 2006, I was in counseling (personal and marital), depressed and on meds, and on a self imposed “sabbatical” from the Dallas music scene.

It was the worst of times.

I know this because I recently found a journal…