In Pursuit of Personal Peace

There is a freedom, a peace of mind, that can only be attained when one sets his thoughts on the pursuit of the highest, individual calling. And as the mind pines after this reality, the body, and action, inevitably follow.


Celebrating 15 Years In Dallas!

15 years ago, on Cinco De Mayo, I arrived in Dallas. What was supposed to be a 2 week vacation ended up being a decade and a half of life altering events that have shaped me for the rest of…


April Concerts!

• When I stopped trying to be who I wasn’t, I discovered who I’ve always been. •

: @sglickster


Come watch me bare my soul through the bell of my horn…


4.3.19 – Thaddeus Ford Band at @citytaverndfw…


Regarding Opposition

If people aren’t laughing and pointing behind your back, whispering negativity into the ears of those closest to you, behind the veil of social media watching every move you make (hoping it’ll fail)…then you’re not even close to fully walking…


Let It Go: On Past Pains

Break up with your past.

Divorce yourself from constantly rehashing the same heartbreaking story, accusations and lies over and over – to yourself and to whoever will listen.

Stop protecting the pain. Evict it.

Today’s happiness, tomorrow’s joy depends on…


On Opposition:

The very fact that you have boldly declared to be all that you can be has served as an invitation to opposition in your life. The ferocity of the opposition is matched by the audacity of your pursuit: the bigger…


The Default Button

When we fail to deal with the reality of our current existence, often times, the things we were previously delivered from (people, places, circumstances, vices, etc) become even more appealing to us than they ever were before. Don’t believe the…


Regarding Love:

Love is a verb.

It’s validity is found in the doing, not in the saying.

And the greater the love, so to is the sacrifice made for it.

For God SO loved the world…(He gave up the one thing He…


The Parallelism of Yes and No

For every resounding YES, there is a corresponding NO.

For every decision made, consider its opposite yet equal counterpart.


If You Love You, Act Like It!

Stephen Covey, in his best seller “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, said that “Success is the greatest revenge.” I believe him.

The easiest way to silence your critics, including yourself, is to do what they/you said you couldn’t do.


Learning How To Fall

In my early 20’s I studied jiujitsu. One of the first lessons we learned was how to fall effectively and return to a fighting stance. It taught me that no matter how skilled you are, as some point you will…


Lay Down Your Swords And Guns

Fortunately/unfortunately, with social media, we get a MUCH better glimpse into the thought processes of the artists we admire. 
Fortunately, it opens up insight into the process of great artists creating great art. 
Unfortunately, it also exposes the reality that…