the world is fast and chaotic.

to be in it (but not of it), we must find a groove within the groove.

for me, that means returning to the simple.

when i focus on the fundamental elements of life and…


The Truth About Truth

here’s the thing about the truth: it is, it was, it will be.

many things have come (and gone), masquerading as the truth; they pick up practitioners along the way.

they seem to rise and reign as they gain more…


Fruit Doesn’t Lie

good or bad, right or wrong – we produce the fruit of what we have experienced and/or been taught.

want to change the fruit, become more effective…consider curating your experiences better:

start with your daily monologue – how are you…


Fear vs. Faith

my grandpa told me that learning jazz is 90% listening, 10% playing; you’ve got to “hear it” to create and/or mimic it.

learning a foreign language is most effective when you hear natives speak it; you’ve got to “hear it”…


Dark Room Bright Light

alone in a dark room.
candle lit, nag champa burning.
blowing melodies on the trumpet; songs i wrote…years ago, maybe even decades.
you’ve never heard them.
maybe one day you will.
but for now, they’re mine.
i wrote them to…


Tents & Mansions: Thoughts On Purpose and Destiny

sometimes we hold on for too long.
more times than not, it’s because we fear the unknown: “who am i without (fill in the blank) in my life.

i found out that holding on to a corpse doesn’t resuscitate it…you…


Choice Validates Desire

On this journey called life, pain is inevitable. At the fork in the road, conflict awaits in either direction. The direction you choose will determine whether you compound your grief or reap a reward for faithfully enduring through. One road…


On Waiting

Anything worth having is worth patiently, proactively waiting for.

Sure, you could rush it (out of desperation and lack of faith). But as soon as a storm comes (and they always do), your refusal to patiently endure will be exposed…


Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice

Imagine a farmer…

Instead of tilling the soil, planting the seeds in the appropriate season, he chilled. Every other day he’d casually walk out to the pasture and randomly tossed a few seeds, then go back to chilling. Then, in…


Check The Fruit

A good apple tree bears good fruit. A bad apple tree bears bad fruit. The condition of the fruit is based on the condition of the tree, not the other way around.

Good fruit is full of life: it contains…