Your Story Isn’t Over

In May 2006, I was in counseling (personal and marital), depressed and on meds, and on a self imposed “sabbatical” from the Dallas music scene.

It was the worst of times.

I know this because I recently found a journal from that period. One excerpt from it found me begging and pleading with God (that I barely knew) to save me. To send someone, something. I needed vision…I wanted to know who I was to Him. What did He put me here for.

Looking back, I remember feeling so hopeless. I did not know if or how I’d be set free.

Amazingly (in retrospect), ALL of that begging and seeking Him was not in vain. I see how circumstances and events were orchestrated (for my good and His glory). The journey to this point was not smooth however. There were MANY times that I thought God had forsaken me…a divorce, instability in my career, a heart attack, etc.

I write this today because I want you to know that your story is not over. Though the vision tarry, wait for it. My story is far from done. But nothing…not time nor circumstances are wasted in Gods hands. I can assure you, what you are experiencing, God can and will use it in unbelievable ways. I had no clue in May 2006 that God would have been so faithful to me the way He has since…traveling around the world performing music, a new wife, a son and daughter, a spiritual family, teaching opportunities, a debut CD recording on the horizon, etc.

As David fought bears and lions in his youth (to protect his sheep) unbeknownst to him or anyone else, God was preparing a runt of a man, to battle a giant of a man (Goliath). Before the world knew him as King David, God had already prepared a crown. God relishes in taking the downtrodden and lifting them up in victory, for our good and His glory. Your struggle is not in vain. It’s merely to put in you the things necessary to wear your crown and remove the things in you that would tarnish it.

Looking back over the last 8 years, I see how this has panned out. I look forward to seeing more prayers answered in my life.

God is faithful.


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