Thoughts On Jealousy

“We’re all here for a reason, on a particular path” – J. Ivy on the Kanye West track “Never Let Me Down”

Jealousy is the biggest waste of time known to man.

Procrastination: the gateway drug to jealousy.

Most people are jealous because they feel like someone has something or is doing something that’s supposed to be theirs.

Here’s a fool proof remedy for jealousy:

1. If someone is doing something you THINK you are supposed to do or has something you THINK you’re supposed to have, get up, get out and try and get it. You will either succeed and reap the rewards or fail miserably. If you get it, you will have learned the principle that there is enough room for everyone to enjoy the pie. If you fail, examine your method. If after examining your method, you continue to fail, consider the thought that what YOU consider your destiny may indeed be a fabricated version, pushed on you by society, family, etc. The good news is that you’re now one step closer to discovering your true purpose.

Thaddeus Ford

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