The Garden

Your mind is like a garden.

What you allow to be planted in in it will eventually grow and produce fruit. The fruit will emit an aroma. Passers by will come to equate that aroma as “…the smell of ‘so and so’s’ garden”.

The reality is that some things will attempt to grow in your garden that you did not knowingly plant. It is extremely important to safeguard against this…if you want the “good fruit” to prosper.

As I interact with people (including myself), it amazes me how there’s a direct link between what is consumed and what is produced, what is planted and what grows. It is VITAL that we govern our minds. It DOES matter what you allow into it. Even the simplest of things…the stuff we pass off as harmless (on the surface) can take root in us, eventually producing after its own kind. If this wayward weed is not dealt with immediately, it will eventually overrun your garden and those same passers by will avoid walking near it, avoiding its unpleasantries.

Simply put:

It DOES matter what you do, where you go, who you converse with, what you watch, what you listen to, what you read, what you consume, etc.

Success (however you define it) is a matter of what is naturally produced out of the garden of your mind. Most people TRY to be nice, loving, giving, dedicated, forgiving, gentle, etc but fail to realize that if their gardens were properly maintained, it would be a natural outpouring of their spirit…it wouldn’t be turned off and on, depending on the individuals mood.

Do a gut check today…
Ask yourself if there are things in your personality (yes, there are…in ALL of us) that prevent you from having the success in life that you seek…better, lasting, loving relationships; a career (not a job) that fulfills you and fills a void in this world; integrity; a calmed, humble spirit, etc.

If you believe that you have a destiny and purpose, you have to be extremely particular about safeguarding that treasure within you. Everything you do/don’t do has to be filtered through that lens. Even things that on the surface seem harmless can eventually rob you of your destiny. If what you have to give this world is valuable (your purpose), then DON’T be ashamed to hold your treasure up with high esteem.

STOP consuming those things that are producing negative fruit out of your spirit. STOP being bamboozled, hoodwinked by your enemy. He will tell you, “…oh that lil’ thing? Oh that’s harmless! It’s just in good fun. Don’t be so square…stop being a prude! Go ‘head, have a lil’ bit!” Fact is, he knows your destiny far better than you do. He knows your temperament better too. Traps are set up ALL around you…with the sole purpose of forfeiting your destiny.

Break the cycle. Open your eyes to the tricks.

Ask yourself:

When people encounter you, just passing by, what do they smell?

If there’s any foul stench coming from you, trace the link back to what is being consumed.

If you emit a sweet aroma, trace the link back to the source.

Consume/plant the things that will produce the most amount of good.

Success is on purpose.
So is failure.

Protect your destiny.

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