Tents & Mansions: Thoughts On Purpose and Destiny

sometimes we hold on for too long.
more times than not, it’s because we fear the unknown: “who am i without (fill in the blank) in my life.

i found out that holding on to a corpse doesn’t resuscitate it…you just literally carry around dead weight.

there is a destiny for all of us. and whether you choose to act or wait and be acted upon, life will propel you towards it. purpose will not return void.

sometimes, the minutiae in your life is a sign that what you’re holding onto was only meant to be temporary. you tried to make a tent your permanent mansion.

don’t lament the tent in lieu of the mansion; they both contain information. but don’t get stuck in malta, shipwrecked, if rome is the destination.

take inventory of your life and ask:
are the perils i’m facing today a direct result of my refusal to push forward (by doing the work) towards my highest calling?

if the answer is yes, begin anew by changing your mind, turn the opposite direction, and move towards the fire burning within that refuses to be quenched.

the proof is in the pursuit.

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