Lay Down Your Swords And Guns

Fortunately/unfortunately, with social media, we get a MUCH better glimpse into the thought processes of the artists we admire. 
Fortunately, it opens up insight into the process of great artists creating great art. 
Unfortunately, it also exposes the reality that behind the art, some of these creatives are really misguided as individuals. 
For the last 6 years of my life, I’ve been dealing with the concept of “character before content”…which simply means: I want the art that is produced through me to come from a place of love, empathy and knowledge. 
If you ONLY listen to what you were taught, or grew up believing, or subscribed to out of your brokenness, you are not a human becoming your best self, and your art, your content will remain impotent. 
Truthfully, I’m disappointed in the positions that some of the creatives I respect (as artists) are taking. More than any other time in my young life, I feel like everybody’s drawing lines in the sand…we’re creating all of these categories and subcategories…searching for a place to feel comfortable in the things that are easiest for our minds to grasp, never allowing room for the unknown to take root in us and grow us beyond our mental understanding. I’m talking about the concept of spirit…or better yet, the reality of spirit…that entity within you that transcends our ability to understand it mentally only. Sure, there are differences. But a persons ability or willingness to understand a thing does not change the truth of a thing. 

The greatest commandment, the one that transcends religious dogma, politics, race, gender, etc., is to love. 
If we operated out of love, and not our differences, we would develop empathy. And it is through mutual empathy that blockage, barriers and battlegrounds are dismantled. 
I want to be the type of man FIRST that learns to love, to give it and receive it, to develop relationships based on love, trust and empathy…which will then permeate my art, and then prayerfully your heart. 
I care more about that then the Lydian Dominant Scale. 

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