Fruit Doesn’t Lie

good or bad, right or wrong – we produce the fruit of what we have experienced and/or been taught.

want to change the fruit, become more effective…consider curating your experiences better:

start with your daily monologue – how are you speaking to yourself, are you injecting your atmosphere with unabashed, audacious praise and gratitude?

then, peace will find you.

guard and protect your peace: do what you can to engage with other likeminded people (who express the same good-hearted desires). in the event that your space is invaded with the opposite of peace, make the necessary decisions to honor yourself.

we can’t change or control the actions of others or the world…but we can absolutely be light in the darkness, that connects with other light-minded, light-hearted people, to usher in more love, more peace, more joy.

and this type of connectivity is at the heart of Gods love.

gratitude and pessimism can not exist at the same time.

choose wisely.

the fruit produced can not lie.

– Thaddeus

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