Defragment Your Hard Drive

When I was younger, I was really into computers. At one point (maybe 4th grade) I thought that they had human-like beings living in them that could communicate with me (lol)! I would type into the computer, ‘Computer, show me your files.’ and random requests like that. If per chance a file would open up, I would look at the code and try to understand what it all meant. The computer my daddy bought us from Radio Shack (Tandy Color Computer 3) came with a binder that had floppy disks in it. Along with the disks were instructions on how to modify the code and create your own programs and games. I spent a lot of time meddling with it, to varied degrees of success. But more often than not, I would jack up the code that made the program run smoothly. A couple of years later, we got a Windows based desktop. I would still try and break into the computers files, again, corrupting the integrity of the program. Then I learned about disk defragmentation. I’d run it over and over trying to undo all of the hacking I’d done. What I’d generally end up with where a bunch of fragments, stored in random places on my hard drive, taking up space and drastically reducing the power and effectiveness of my computer.
Even before we’re born, files/programs are downloaded onto our hard drive…some good, some bad. As we grow and live in the world, people/places/circumstances fiddle with those files…corrupting them. The “files” then move to various places in our consciousness…some distant and forgotten, some at the forefront of our minds. Those broken, fragmented files drastically reduce the free flow of life through us. And most times, we don’t even realize it! We grow accustomed to the speed of our mediocrity. We learn to live with our brokenness. Like a beaver placing stones in a rushing creek, we are reduced to a trickle of our inherent power.

With our computers, it’s paramount that we locate and clean all of those broken files if we want it to run according to its manufacturers specs. Likewise, if we are to be as free and powerful as OUR manufacturers specs, we have to scour our heart and mind, in search of the brokenness that slows down the flow of Spirit through us. When we don’t, we allow unforgiveness to run rampant. Unforgiveness is the mother of all our failed relationships, reduced hope and broken dreams. To forgive is to unlock the secret to a loving, more efficient, powerful life. Forgiveness creates a conduit for all that is good to enter your life and heal the world.


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